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On 14th August HAEZER released his new EP ‘THE WRONG KID DIED’ on DIM MAK records.
Check his EXCLUSIVE FEATURED TRACK for OMGITM (FREE DOWNLOAD!) and the little Q&A about his new EP!

My real name is Ebenhaezer Smal. I played around with artist names, but
always went back to 'HAEZER'...pretty much the first name I came up with
and I like that it's taken from my real name

  • You just released your new EP, ‘the wrong kid died’ what’s the story behind that name?

I've noticed the hype around music has become so massive, that the tracks
can't keep up with the hype. It's as if the hype around music has become
more important than the music. As if people are buying and listening to music
because social network sites tell them too. It's like watching trailers of movies
instead of the actual films and with music, people just forward to the drop of a track,
so that they can get it over with to listen to the next track...
The name means music died and hype is the kid who survived...

  • What were your major influences when recording EP?

I've been touring through Europe a lot and have a lot of free time in between gigs.
I've been working on the 6 tracks on the E.P for quite some time now.
My surroundings definitely influence the kind of tracks I make. For instance I made
Crank It in my hotel room in Sydney, Australia. Stars was conceived on a plane...
Because the plane ride was back from a heavy gig in Johannesburg, you can hear the
undertone of 'Stars' is more chilled.Where the skeleton for 'Crank It' was made
before a gig and I was all amped up to party...
So, I think traveling definitely had a big influence on the E.P....

  • What do you expect when playing your new tracks on one of your shows for the 1st time?

I have a bit of an unfair advantage with this question, because I have already
played it at a few gigs now. :) But, I guess, I had no idea what to expect.
I was very nervous about releasing this E.P and didn't know how people would react!
I think it's a very unique E.P.... So people will either love it or hate it.

  • How would you define the style of your EP in just three words?

alternative, melodic, heavy

  • You have big plans after your EP release – a Europe tour in October, a new single is
    coming out in November and you even plan to film a tour documentary
    – what are your plans afterwards? When do you have time to relax?

:) I love traveling and so it's not like a job for me. I also love making music,
but I do sometimes feel like I need a break (right now I’m sitting at Munich airport).
My plan is just to play more territories. I have never played in America, so I really want
to do a North and South American tour.
I want to play more festivals and also play in Asia.... Otherwise I'm already working
on my next E.P. after 'Two Face'.

  • Any favorite city to play in?

I don't have a favorite, ‘cause each city has it's own charm. I have made such good
and close friends with my travels, that when I travel to Europe I sometimes get
more excited seeing my friends than just being tourist.

  • After your EP release and the releasing of the single “two face”, what about a full CD release?

A Full Length takes extreme commitment and is risky if you're not a big name
artist already. To go quiet for too long can easily let people forget about you...
So, at this stage I'm rather releasing EP's...

  • Last question: producing or deejaying?

Oh, producing by far!

Thanks for taking the time!!