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  • Bart B More - Glow

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  • Paul Anthony feat. Callie - Turn Up The Volume


    Check out Haezer's latest mixtape, which he just dropped exclusively for Dim Mak! Unreleased Mashups included!




  • OMGITM-Supermix October 2012 mixed by 2BEEPS

    2Beeps, who has just released his KING KONG EP together with MING (read our Q&A on the EP here) on Dim Mak Records, will be definitely making it big in the future! This is straight electronic dance music at it’s finest, so if you haven’t checked out this guy, you shoul do it right now. His electronic-dancehall supermix is more than club-capable! Enjoy listening!


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    1. Neoteric, Wax Motif - Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix) [Dim Mak Records]
    2. MING + 2Beeps - King Kong (2Beeps VIP Mix) [Dim Mak Records]
    3. Junior Sanchez - Teach Me Your Skillz (Original Mix) [Dim Mak Records]
    4. Style Of Eye - Ray Dee Oh feat. Gina Turner (Club Mix) [Fool's Gold Records]
    5. A-Trak, Zinc - Like The Dancefloor Feat. Natalie Storm (Dismantle Remix) [Fool's Gold Records]
    6. Dog Blood - Next Order (Original Mix) [Boysnoize Records]
    7. Mustard Pimp - ZHM (Tom Staar Remix) [Dim Mak Records]
    8. Wolfgang Gartner - Girl On Boy (Original Mix) [Ultra]
    9. April White - Never Be The Same (2Beeps Remix) [Permanent Damage Records]
    10. Torro Torro, 2 Edit - Datsun Tropicalia (Torro Torro Remix) [Party Like Us Records]
    11. Damn Kids - Naej (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass Recordings]
    12. 2Beeps - Showtime (Original Mix) [White Label]
    13. Proxy - Shut Up! (Original Mix) [Dim Mak Records]
    14. XXXChange - U My Fantasy (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold Records]
    15. A-Trak, Dillon Francis - Money Makin' (45 King Remix) [Fool's Gold Records]
    16. Dirty Rich - Durty Bitch (Original Mix) [Houserecordings]
    17. 2Beeps - Chopsticks (Original Mix) [Oh! My God It's Techno Music]
    18. The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (2Beeps Remix) [White Label]
    19. Mord Fustang - Lick The Rainbow (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit) [NOIZE]


    Cyberpunkers just published their very first mixtape with a free download for you, too!

    Make sure you check it out!



  • Owl Vision - Zeremony EP out October 26

    Listen to the teaser to Owl Vision's upcoming EP here!
    Out October 26 on OMGITM Records

    Owl Vision Soundcloud

    Owl Vision Facebook

  • Icona Pop - I Love It (Fukkk Offf Remix)





    OCT 13           EXIT BERLIN – ROSIES                     BERLIN, GERMANY

    OCT 19           FUSE CLUB                                       BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

    OCT 20           TURBULANCE – DE PUMPE               KIEL, GERMANY

    OCT 25           PRESSURE FESTIVAL                       NEUMARKT, AUSTRIA

    OCT 27           ALTES-ZIEWERK                               LEIPZIG, GERMANY

    OCT 31           PRATERGALERIAN                            VIENNA, AUSTRIA

    NOV 02           FIST OF TRASH                                 KUFSTEIN, AUSTRIA

    NOV 03           CABARET SAUVAGE                         PARIS, FRANCE

    NOV 09           PAND14                                             AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

    NOV 16           LOFT CLUB                                        LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND

    NOV 17           BRAIN CLUB                                      BRAUNSCHWEIG, GERMANY





    Check Vakkuum's banger 'Sonar' while reading the little Q&A we have for you!

    Sonar EP comes out October 15th!

    Vakkuum – why do you call yourself like that?
    Your music sounds kind of like the opposite of ‘empty of matter’

    I found my name awhile back when I first got into electronic music.
    I was listening to a lot of stuff from overseas (i.e. BNR, Institubes (RIP), Ed Banger)
    I saw this one track by Housemeister called "Vakuum" and added the extra 'K' from there
    on out it just stuck with me.

    • Your ‘Sonar’ EP is out to be soon. And again, we noticed you have a special
    taste when it comes to names and titles. What’s the story behind ‘Sonar’?

    I've always have a hard time choosing names. Sonar came to be because of the lead synth in the track.
    If you listen closely on the second buildup it has a deep underwater sound to it so I
    thought it fit well.

    • How would you define your EP in just three words?

    High Energy Techno

    • Although you’re quite new in this whole electronic scene, you quickly gained
    support of some big artists, like Fake Blood, Brodinski, Boys Noize etc…
    Your bomb ‘Sonar’ has already been played by Gesaffelstein at Electric Zoo
    Festival and by Brodinski at the Bromance Records party…
    sounds as if a huge wave of success is coming forward. What are your plans for the future?

    Yeah, Its crazy to have all this happen. I've been big fans of these guys for a long time
    and to have them playing my tracks is such an amazing feeling!
    Right now my main focus is on my production and improving my sound.
    I have a lot of new projects I'm working on that I can't wait to show everyone,
    but for now they're under wraps :)

    • You said you always produce better after a really good meal.
    So we’re interested, what’s been the best meal you ever had?

    Hm thats a tough one. I'd have to say it was this homemade pizza i made once
    with prosciutto, goat cheese, garlic, and arugula. It was pretty special.

    • What do you prefer, DJing or producing? Why?

    Producing. I love making music and playing with different sounds for hours on end.
    I'd do it all day if I could.

    • What profession do you think you would have taken up if not that of a DJ/producer?

    Cooking. I work in the restaurant industry now and although its high stress it's a lot
    of fun, you can express your creativity in food the same way with music.

    • You’ve been touring through the United States, Europe and Central America…
    any favourite city to play in?

    I really loved Paris and Nice. I played at this small club in Nice in the basement of this
    bar called L'abat Jour. it was very underground.. rock walls and candles haha..
    really great vibes and people too. also the city was beautiful!

    • Electronic music – minimal or maximal?

    Can't choose. I really enjoy a lot of minimal and deep house music although
    what I produce and play is on the heavier techno side. I'm going to be starting
    a side project soon that will be more house/deep house so be on the lookout for that
    in the future!

    • Vinyl or mp3?

    MP3 for now. I'd love to learn how to play a vinyl set better, I've tried it out before
    and love the feel of wax. As of right now I play on CDs.

    • If you could only listen to one song… which one would it be?

    Todd Terje - Inspector Norse. I cook my breakfast every morning to it

    Thanks for taking the time!






    While the the 'Modek' remix of his track 'Steroid' hast just
    been released, we had a little Q&A with TAI, the Dim Mak-signed
    producer of whom we're
    gonna hear a lot in the future!
    Check the new track while reading!

    • Tai Jason – one of the best German Hip Hop producers of all time vs. TAI
      signed by Dim Mak Records and producer of really hot electronic music.
      Why did ‘Jason’ have to leave?

    I felt like I had to make a break between the two musical productions.

    • What was the reason for you to stop producing hip hop and moving over to
      electronic music?

    All of the rappers I was producing for still want ordinary 90s Hip Hop beats.
    I always felt like progressing with my music and wanted to introduce new styles & elements
    so it was time to move on to a music scene that was moving and hadn’t stopped
    dead in their creativity.

    But Sido is engaging with one of my more electronic Hip Hop beats right now for his
    “Best Of” Album. I am finishing the track today. It will be called, “Gib mir mein
    Berlin zurück.”

    The first version I did was a sick Trap version, but he didn’t get it ‘cause German rappers
    don’t know this Dirty South Electro clash yet. So I made a compromise in the track and
    produced it differently.

    I’ll have to wait for 2 years before they rap on this style. It was the same when Dubstep
    came about. I produced playbacks for K.I.Z. but they didn’t get it until 2 years later when
    then came back and asked me for some Dubstep playbacks to rap to.

    All good in da hood. Lets keep this music thing rolling. That’s what it all comes down to.

    • How would you define the style of your music in just three words?

    Open to everything

    • You’ve really done a lot by now... producing hip hop, rapping, producing porn music...
      what else is coming in the future? Maybe some grime beats with yourself rapping over it?

    Sido and me just recorded, “Sureshot Pt.2” together! (Here is Pt.1)
    Just ghostwrote this track for Kreayshawn
    I’m pretty pissed of though ‘cause it was meant to be featuring me as I rapped
    the hook together with Diplo.

    I’m doing lots of production for other artists but I can’t say their names.

    • You’ve been to Australia, Brazil, Belgium... any favourite country to play in?

    I actually came back from Australia yesterday. It’s one of my favorite places to go.
    I love playing to every crowd, no matter where or how big it is as long as they are all
    about the music and party with me as hard as they possibly can!

    • Watching you having so much success in different genres of music, one could say
      you’re an all round-talent. Any other hidden talents the world should
      know of?

    Haha thanks, I like cooking. I exchange photos of my cooked victory online with Bot from The Crookers. He is GOOD!!

    • What profession do you think you would have taken up if not that of a producer?

    It sounds stupid but I think the porn industry producing. I know a lot of people in this
    business doing it BIIIG and they have always told me they would like me to be a part of it.
    Or maybe I’d work as a cook in my own little slow-food restaurant. But I basically do that
    already whenever I am at home for four; just don’t get paid to do so :-)

    • We’re featuring the Modek Remix of your track ‚Steroid’ – what’s the
      story behind that name?

    Thank you so much guys. Isn’t it a smash!!?
    To me the track just sounds like a steroid fed neck, head-butting  through a brick wall
    with a layer of Japanese sum wrestlers standing behind it.
    This might be my hardest ever!

    • Last but not least, some short questions...
    • Vinyl or mp3?

    Started on one, playing on the other now. Guess which order?  :-)

    • Tupac or Biggie?

    Definitely Biggie

    • Computer or TV?

    I bought the biggest TV this year and didn’t use it once.

    Where as I’m watching the new Breaking Bad season on my Laptop, and just finished a remix
    for Wiley’s, “AYAYA” and a remix for One Republics, “Feel Again” on tour in Australia.
    I hate myself for this. But I will try and produce less music and watch more TV in the future, ok.

    My Laptop is personalized for me and it is pimped to the fastest possible apple laptop.

    • Noise all the time or silence forever?

    Noise all the time until my tinnitus gives me silence forever?

    • If you could only listen to one song, which one would it be?

    A medley of all The Beatles songs mixed into one long track with my homey Lil Jon all over it, haha J

    Thanks for taking the time!

    Thank you very much for having me!




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